Liverpool, UK: Region has new draft bylaw for food trucks

LIVERPOOL – The region has come up with a proposed new bylaw to govern food trucks in Liverpool after several food trucks began to regularly appear on the waterfront last summer.

By Barb McKenna  |  Queen County Advance 

The Region has come up with a new draft
bylaw governing food trucks in Liverpool.

Owners of brick and mortar restaurants raised concerns at the time that allowing the food trucks to set up on municipal lands, in high traffic areas like the waterfront gave the trucks an unfair advantage over established restaurants in close proximity.

Last year, three mobile food trucks started to set up regularly on the waterfront, taking up several parking spaces.

Currently, a permit for a food truck is only $10.

“There is a consensus among those involved that is not really an appropriate fee,” said a discussion paper that came with the proposed new bylaw.

Under the new bylaw, the region would set up a mobile canteen open vending area in the area of the old legion property on the waterfront.

Electricity would be made available to truck vendors.

Proposed fees would be $25 a week, $75 a month, or $150 a year for trucks that do not use power.

Truck owners who choose to utilize power would be charged $100 monthly or $200 a year.

Fees for vendors at non-profit festivals or events, like Privateer Days, would be charged $50 for a one time only permit.

The bylaw will be discussed at an open committee of the whole meeting later this month, Mayor David Dagley said. This will give both vendors and restaurant owners the opportunity to give input on the bylaw.

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