60+ Years of Experience Built Into Every Food Truck, Trailer & Kitchen


By STAFF | SchantzMfg.com


Our background in serving fair and festival concessionaires allows us to bring innovation and features to the mobile market unlike any other manufacturer.  Our fair clients park their trailers on a midway weeks at a time, where they serve customers for over 12 hours a day.  We design and build trailers that are highly profitable by making them easy to work, easy to maintain, easy to clean and energy efficient.

Schantz has learned where and how to reinforce stock cargo trailers using lightweight material to make them structurally stronger without adding much weight.  Our custom built frames and bodies are built to take a beating, operated at fairs and festivals 365 days a year.


Schantz uses advanced wall materials for better insulation, less weight and thinner dimensions; allowing for a wider interior for more working space.

Schantz realizes that maintaining a clean trailer is one of the most important and time consuming tasks.  We don’t use conduit.  Its hard to clean and doesn’t look as good as a smooth wall.  All our wiring is enclosed in corner wire ways, easy to clean, easy to access, and it looks a whole lot better.

We use energy efficient T5 light bulbs.  Brighter, smaller, more efficient, and longer lasting than traditional bulbs.  Using “green” lighting saves energy use and allows you to put that energy towards something that actually “makes” you money…your equipment.

“We Know What Makes You Money”,  and over our 60 years we’ve learned how to do just that.  Contact Schantz to see how we can put this kind of innovation and ingenuity in your next food truck or mobile kitchen.