A Big Mistake To Avoid When Starting Your Own Food Truck

By Brian Sacks | Exclusively for MobileFoodNews.com

The other day I was consulting with a client wanting to open his own food truck. On the surface he sounded like he had really thought this out and even had secured some backing.

He was ready to “roll” full steam ahead. My first question was to ask him about his concept. Well it took him about 45 minutes to explain it all to me and I am still not sure I understand it totally.


He was from a foreign country and the food he gave me to taste was absolutely delicious. I am not sure what it is called so I won’t butcher the name here but trust me- once people tried it they would love it.

But that was also his big mistake. He was going to have to train people to eat what he was serving. He would need to explain how it all came about. He would have to explain all of the ingredients.

By the way – some of the ingredients are really hard to find since they are from his native country and not easily accessible here. That of course is BIG PROBLEM # 2.

If you are going to be successful with your own mobile food truck ( restaurant) your food must be easily and quickly understood.

EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS HAMBERGERS –TACOS- BURRITOS- PIZZA and of course crepes and barbeque just to name a few. But no one would have understood his dishes. Quite frankly people wouldn’t even be able to pronounce it in most cases.

You also must be able to access your ingredients quickly and inexpensively. Hopefully you will run out of food and you want to be able to have an ample supply of whatever you offer nearby so you can restock quickly.

Imagine if for some reason he couldn’t find these special ingredients. He would be out of business.

Bottom Line: Make sure your concept is already accepted. Make sure you can quickly and easily ( and inexpensively) have an ample supply of ingredients on hand all the time.

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