Accessible & Useful Modular Vending Cart Transportation

Thanks to for the photo....



Thanks to for the photo....


It came from ‘around here. Green and comfortable vending carts for the stomach-end of the food-chain.

Design more mobile vending carts. Free, open air, with refrigeration units, awnings, coffee grinders… It doesn’t require a car and hauling tons of stuff to have a tent, a register, a refrigerator, a cooler and all the stuff you wanted to sell. (This is exhausting, btw)

Here you have it all together, load the cart with product, and go to the local fair! It doesn’t require a multi-use vehicle, or to have the use of that vehicle to be dominated by the vending supplies.

The electric assist (you do have to pedal the cycle to engage the throttle) is a novelty, and important to get your refrigeration units up some pretty steep hills!