According to Chris Lee, ‘Everyone Loves a Hot Meat Sandwich’

Chef Chris Lee
Chef Chris Lee

By Rebecca Marx | Village Voice Blogs

When Chris Lee departed the kitchen of Aureole a few weeks ago, no one expected him to sit idle. And for good reason: in addition to consulting on projects across the country, the self-described celebrity chef has also kept busy shilling for Swanson’s frozen foods.

Per Zagat Buzz, Lee now has another project on his roster: a Manhattan lunch truck peddling pulled meat that riffs on “barbecue meat around the world.” Because, well, “everyone loves a hot meat sandwich.” The truck is “100 percent funded” and “being built as we speak,” and should open in the spring.

Lee is also busying himself with restaurant “concepts” in Miami, California, D.C., New York, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas, but having just seen the five-minute self-promotional video on his personal Web site, we suspect that his most time-consuming project is that of tending to his ego.