Alexandria, VA: Food Trucks Ready to Hit Alexandria Streets

By Larry Frum  |  NBC Washington


The lunch choices in Alexandria are about to expand, as food trucks will soon be in select areas around the city starting this month.

Alexandria’s City Council voted in May to adopt a pilot program allowing food trucks to operate in off-street locations.

As of Tuesday, vendors can now begin the licensing and inspection process to make their trucks available for the public.

Food trucks could hit the streets as soon as this week, said Jerome Fletcher, special assistant to the city manager. He’s hoping hungry people will check them out and provide feedback to the city so they can make decisions about the future of the food trucks.

“There has been some vocal negativity to the idea,” Fletcher said. “But we really want people to get out and see the trucks in action. Then we hope they’ll give us feedback online so we can adjust the program as needed.”

Some residents raised concerns in May over whether food trucks were appropriate in Alexandria’s historic downtown. Restaurateurs were also worried the increase of food options would cut into their business.

The trucks must receive permits and inspections from three agencies before they are ready for service. The city is also hosting a registration event Thursday, so vendors can get all their needed paperwork in one location.

Fletcher said he wasn’t sure how many trucks would hit the streets, but said there was high interest from food truck operators.

The pilot program will run through Oct. 31, 2015.