Amherst, NY: Town Of Amherst Welcomes Food Trucks

by Scott Levin |

BUFFALO, N.Y. –  The great food truck debate continues here in the queen city.

No definite decision on where they can go and how far they have to be from brick and mortar restaurants yet.

However, the town of Amherst is welcoming them with open arms for an upcoming party that will celebrate the one year anniversary of the emerging business leaders program that has been a huge success in the town.

The program’s goal is to keep young professionals in the community. The food trucks will be a big part of the celebration with a huge party and food drive that everyone is welcome to attend.

Caitlin McNulty with the Amherst Chamber of Commerce says, “Amherst is welcoming to business of any kind, any business is good business.”

The party takes place November 16 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at 350 Essjay Road.

All are welcome.