Arlington, TX: Students Have mixed reaction to food trucks

(The Shorthorn: Nikki Brown)

By Vallari Gupte | The ShortHorn

(The Shorthorn: Nikki Brown)
(The Shorthorn: Nikki Brown)

So far, the food trucks on campus have sent out a mixed aroma since they arrived about four weeks ago.

Liberal Arts senator Joella Ibe said Student Congress puts up Maverick Opinion Boards twice a semester to get students’ opinion about different issues on campus.

SC secretary Loan Ho compiled the data from the Maverick Opinion Boards on Friday.

“I can tell that students are aware that they are on campus,” Ho said. “Students like it, but they wish there were more options.”

About 300 students posted notes voicing their opinion about the food trucks. The boards were put up on the Central Library mall and the University Center mall Wednesday and Thursday. Maverick Opinion Boards will go up again on March 26 and 27.

Ho said the overall student opinion was that the students want to see more food options and variety on campus.

For history senior Tim Garcia, food trucks are a little expensive.

“My main concern is the price,” Garcia said. “You get a lot more food for cheaper at the Plaza.”

Garcia said he likes the taste of the sliders at the Easy Sliders food truck.

“But, I don’t know if I can afford it,” he said.

Ibe, a political science sophomore, said SC members will assess the collected data and decide if a resolution needs to be introduced, either to continue having food trucks on campus or to remove them, depending on the feedback from students.

Interdisciplinary studies student William Addington said he would like a system where the food trucks could use the money on MavExpress cards.

“It’s great that they are adding cool things like food trucks on campus,” Addington said. “It reduces the number of long lines in the University Center.”

He lives in Trinity House and has a meal plan at the Connection Café, where students can use the money on their MavExpress student ID cards.

Dining Services director Elizabeth Cheong said the food trucks were introduced on campus based on the feedback the dining services received from students during previous semesters.

“We are trying to get a vegan and vegetarian food truck,” she said.

Undeclared freshman Brian Lee said he would go to the food trucks at least once a week.

“I wouldn’t grab chips and drink from here,” he said.

Lee said he would rather eat a sandwich at the food trucks and get a drink from the UC.