Asheville, NC: Food Trucks Ahoy – Bom Bus Brings the Portuguese, Smash Box has the Nicaraguan Food

Trevon Dunn of the Bom Bus

By Mackensy | Citizens-Times

Trevon Dunn of the Bom Bus

The Bom Bus is a new food truck looking to bring Portuguese food to the streets of Asheville.

Here’s more about that.

The owner of the restaurant on wheels, Trevon Dunn,  is waiting for a number of stars to align before officially setting up shop.

An increase in the number of downtown permits for food trucks would be nice, and that seems to be moving along.

There’s a meeting at City Hall at 9 a.m. next Wednesday (April 24) to continue the discussion. Currently permitting is limited to 10 trucks, though city officials may grant more. Click the link above for more about that.

Also waiting for a downtown permit is Smash Box, whose owners say they’re next on the waiting list. “We’re number 11,” says co-owner Ashley Teran (her husband, Nestor Teran, is the chef).

Smash Box serves Nicaraguan food, all served in more street food format. Expect to find marinated churrasco steak (basically skirt steak) wrapped in a flour tortilla with red refried beans, jalapeno crema and a version of slaw and fried plantain chips on the side.

Soon, the truck will venture into Nicaraguan breakfast: rice and beans, a fried egg, hot sauce and queso frito, griddled until it has crisp outer edges.

We’ll profile Smash Box in next week’s Scene as part of our All Go West coverage. Look for more there (or go see Smash Box tonight at the Odditorium, 1045 Haywood Road).