Atlanta, GA: Four New Food Trucks Hitting The Streets

By  Contributor |  Scout Mob


If you’re a food truck aficionado worth your salt(ed caramel, a la Westside Creamery), you’ve probably tasted the Korean tacos of Yumbii; the wild waffle cones of the Good Food Truck; the arepas of WOW. And now that spring is here and the food trucks are coming back out to play, you’re probably licking your chops in anticipation of those mobile munchies.

Yes, the Street Food Class of 2012 brought us delicious new meals on wheels from Mighty Meatballs, Rolling Reubens and the Blaxican, just to name a few, and their 2013 progeny are looking just as tantalizing. Allow us to introduce some of the new kids on the block that’ll be puttering around the city with the rest of the food truck crew (and, if you’re really eager for a taste, hit up our Friday night hootenanny and give them a warm ATL welcome):

The promise of a good banh mi sandwich is easily enough to inspire a trek up Buford Highway—but Nomie, a Vietnamese chef with a South Carolinian twang, is taking that one step further and bringing her traditional Vietnamese dishes to the streets. Which means you can now get your hands on crispy cha-gio rolls stuffed with house-ground pork and chicken, banh mi xa xiu (the barbecued pork version of the beloved sandwich) and rich, full-bodied pho without taking a joyride on Spaghetti Junction. Bonus points: head to our little Friday night shindig at the Atlanta Food Truck Park, and you can feast on Nomie’s lemongrass chili chicken and those aforementioned cha-gio rolls. Beware: we’re pretty sure those little suckers have addictive properties.

Freckled & Blue
Tyler has blue eyes. Juliana has freckles. And they both have a damn good pimento cheese recipe. Yes, the art of Southern food can easily be bungled (or over-buttered), but these two are mashing up age-old recipes with creative little twists here and there. Together, they’re putting a modern spin on the Southern recipes they grew up with, from beer can barbecue chicken sliders smothered with smoked gouda, to perfect, creamy deviled eggs topped with their bacon-packed, jalapeno-spiked pimento cheese.


Masala Fresh
Your curry lust no longer has to be satisfied ‘neath the harsh lights of the buffet line, friend. ATL’s very first Indian food truck (P.S., how did this not happen sooner?) is bringing its spicy, flavorful, fragrant masalas to the people in the form of rice bowls and naan wraps, as well as samosas and—oh yes—masala fries, served either spicy or super-spicy. (A glass of mango juice should help douse those flames.) You can catch these noble pioneers this Friday night at our Atlanta Food Truck Park party, dishing out chicken tikka masala with basmati rice, naan and samosas.


The Bubble Tea Truck
Well, this mobile operations isn’t exactly new (it first started slaking our bubble tea thirst late last summer), but this will be The Bubble Tea Truck’s first full season on the streets, and anyway, how can we pass up a truck stocked with taro milk tea and lychee smoothies? If you weren’t hanging out in Taiwan circa ’88, you might not yet be familiar with the creamy, curiously textured bubble tea, but now that ATL has its very own boba truck, it’s high time for tea time.