BACON MANia Truck : Gimme BACON Or Gimme Death!

Posted By Kat

Maybe I should re-phrase this to if you don’t give ME BACON…. I’ll give YOU DEATH! O=) On Thursday at the OC Fair Grounds was the Preview of OC Fair New Year’s Eve Block Party. I was ecstatic to hear that I was paired with the BACON MANia Truck because that truck and I were a match made in heaven! Even before I came, I made it known that if I had a vegetarian truck that I would turn around and leave in a blink of an eye. **oink oink oink** There were many popular and delicious trucks out that night for the preview event! Perfect time to get a sampling of what is to come.
It was only the second night of BACON MANia’s run and I was there to join the action. The team was out there at full force and I was ready to be in a bacon coma! My special guest for the night was my friend and photographer Albert Evangelista who helped by taking some wonderful professional photos along with my point and shoot! Say hello to the MEN behind the BACON. =)

Showing up early always pays off. We snuck into the truck for a hands on view of how a truck works. It’s amazing how these men can move around as space is tight but somehow they crank out some wonderfully tasty BACON! Somehow in between my chats I might have just found two future husbands but ONLY if they bring home the BACON! lol

My fave of the night was the Bacon Ball Trio! Included is Bacon wrapped Mac’n Bac’n, PB&J, and the Bacon Mignon. DELICIOUS! To be honest I couldn’t tell what was inside them but cheesey goodness!The bacon was so plump and flavorful with a burst of perfectly melted cheese inside. I so need to have more of these! Bring on the Bacon Balls!!!!

Let’s not forget the Jack Back Sammie where you can put an assortment of additives in for extra. The guys asked me what I would like and I said give it all to me! You can add green apple, jalapenos, asparagus, mushrooms, tomatoes, caramelized onions, extra bacon, and filet mignon. We loaded the sandwich and were warned that it would be one gooey mess but I am willing to take the chance! The sammie comes served with a shot of Tomato Basil Soup that has a spicy bite and adds a kick to the sammie. I enjoyed the juicy bits of filet mignon amidst the cheesy bacon mess. Yum! On top of the sandwich were nice bits of cheese crisps that add a lot to the sammie.
If you just want the Cheese Crisps, don’t worry they sell it on the side and a good amount too! They are described as being covered in their “special fairy dust” lol. Enjoy crispy pieces of cheese with bacon embedded inside… yum.
Last but definitely not least are the Bacon GOOOOOOODIES! I loved their Meat Candy. It’s Bacon, Brown Sugar, and Spice. We got to sample a piece from a friend and we were hooked! I had absolutely no cash on me but I somehow dug out $4 and told them, “Gimme all the meat candy I can get with that!” O=) I wish I had more dough and could buy that entire bag! Yes, it is that heart-cloggingly good. Me and bacon are a match made in heaven and I can eat all the time. Perfect for dessert! I want a bag near me all the time so I can snack on them. Warning, you just might not stop once you start!

First thing I grabbed when I stepped up to the truck was their “Pig Feed” of Cashew Bacon Caramelized Popcorn. Hey for $2 that is AWESOME! There were only a few bags so I had nab one while I can. You can definitely taste the savory flavor of the bacon embedded into the caramelized popcorn. Perfect for the movies. I seriously need to marry one of those guys so that they can just feed me all the time!

Everything here was very reasonably priced and you can get a BACON COMA for only $20. I believe that is everything on the menu and I’d do that in a blink of an eye!

Come early and come ready! The lines started getting super long and we were happy to have gotten our fill just in the nick of time. I can’t wait to find them again and bacon myself up!