Baltimore, MD: The Next Food Truck Rally

By Suzanne Loudermilk |

Organizer Damian Bohager of The Silver Platter is already considering dates in August for the next food-truck rally. But where to hold it is the issue.

“We’re already too big for my lot,” Damian said today. “I’m looking for alternative properties.”

Baltimore’s first food truck rally, pictured, was held last Friday at his family’s open lot at 421 S. Central Ave. on the outskirts of Little Italy and Harbor East. On most days, The Silver Platter operates there alone.

But on Friday, the parcel of land quickly filled with about 10 gourmet food trucks and a total of about 2,000 hungry visitors during the 5-10 p.m. party, according to Damian. “It wasn’t just a home run,” he said. “It was a grand slam.”

Indeed, once the skies cleared, people descended on the event, including the mayor, who gave a brief speech. I got there around 5:30 when it was still raining. At the time, most trucks weren’t sure what to expect.

Earlier that day, Damian said he was besieged with phone calls from people wondering if “The Gathering” would be held despite the rainy weather. “I said, ‘We are food trucks,'” Damian said. “‘We go out in all weather. We’re here rain or shine.'”

At the event, I ran into Bill Irvin of Kooper’s Chowhound Burger Wagon, who brought a welcome ATM machine with him. Many of the trucks only accept cash.

Soon, he and the other trucks were overwhelmed with customers. Most ran out of food or various items except for Chowhound, which could head quickly to Fells Point for more supplies.

“It’s going to be one of the great foodie events in Baltimore,” Bill predicted today. “I’m afraid it’s going to get too big.”

He is working with Damian on setting up the next Gathering. I’ll let you know the when and where as soon as I find out.

You can read attendees’ comments about the food-truck rally on The Gathering Facebook page.