Baton Rouge, LA: Downtown Restaurants Say Food Trucks Take Away Customers


BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – Some restaurant owners in the Main Street Market say the food trucks swoop in and steal their customers.  The rolling chefs say competition is competition. Charlie’s Coffee House is even shutting down, blaming the mobile food industry for their failure.

“I seriously doubt that’s the reason,” says Tony Idank with Kickers BBQ. “If somebody’s afraid of the food trucks, they need to look at their own type of food they’re serving.”

While Charlie’s Coffee declined comment, the rolling food guys say competition is what it is.

“There’s been a big complaint with state employees that there’s not enough food down here to eat. Not enough choices, and that’s what we give them,” Idank continued.

“We’re only doing about 50 people a day. And we’re only down here once a week,” said rolling chef Chris Meyers.  “So there’s probably 20,000 people in these two blocks right here. It’s all about fair competition.”

None of the restaurant owners at the market would agree to talk to 9 News on Friday, but several said they’d like to see a city ordinance banning the food trucks.