Boca Raton, FL: Boomers’ Gourmet Food Truck Expo Was a Tasty Smash

By Bill Citara | Broward Palm Beach New Times
Is Palm Beach County hungry for a food truck rodeo?

Is a bear Catholic? Does the pope shit in a forest?

Based on last night’s first-in-the-county Gourmet Truck Expo in the Boomers entertainment complex in Boca Raton, PBC foodies aren’t just hungry for the food truck experience; they’re willing to gnaw their own arms off to get it. Which they might have had to, since about half the 20 or so trucks that showed up ran out of food before the night was over, according to Expo organizer Jochen Esser.

How crowded was it?

The Airport Road access to Boomers was a half-mile-long parking lot for much of the early evening, spilling what Esser estimated to be at least 2,500 people from the real parking lot at the Cinemark Theater door. Waits in line for up to an hour at popular trucks like Nacho Mama’s and Aaron’s Catering weren’t uncommon, nor was finding out there was nothing left to eat when you finally got close to the front.

Still, everyone seemed pretty excited about it.

“I had an idea it was going to be popular, but I was definitely surprised” at the turnout, Esser said.

That turnout means there will definitely be more Expos, both at Boomers (later this summer) and other sites around the county. In fact, after noting this Expo’s raging success, Esser said he’s already been contacted by several companies eager to host another on their property, probably sometime in June.

When that happens, expect more trucks, more people, and one more indication that the local food scene is finally starting to grow up.