Boise, ID: Boise Keeps on Truckin’… and Parkin’

Kelsey Hawes
Tiki Teriyaki food truck.

By BW Staff  |  Boise Weekly

Kelsey Hawes  Tiki Teriyaki food truck.
Kelsey Hawes

Tiki Teriyaki food truck.

22. Sample Exotic Eats in the Streets

When food trucks first started popping up on Boise streets, there weren’t many exotic options. Food truck enthusiasts could primarily find comfort food staples like burgers and fries, tacos and wraps. But as the trend continues to spread across the City of Trees, food truck offerings have gotten more diverse.

Since last summer, a few new food trucks and carts have joined the scene, including Genki Takoyaki, which sells the popular Japanese street food. Owners Christy Beavers and Rhett Atagi soak octopus in soy sauce and dashi, then encase it in a rice and cake flour dumpling and top it with a drizzle of mayo, takoyaki sauce, ground nori, bonito flakes and green onions.

Casablanca’s Cuban Panini truck slings authentic Cuban sandwiches, while the newest of the bunch, Tiki Teriyaki, serves traditional Hawaiian plate lunches that include items like kalua pork and teriyaki chicken with sides including white rice, macaroni salad and pineapple coconut coleslaw.

23. Hit the Bricks

RiceWorks traded its truck for a permanent location in The Village at Meridian. - KELSEY HAWES
RiceWorks traded its truck for a permanent location in The Village at Meridian. – KELSEY HAWES

While Boise’s fleet of food trucks continues to grow, a select few have left the cramped confines of a mobile kitchen for brick-and-mortar shops in The Village at Meridian.

“[This] is our answer to a food court,” said Ramona Merrill, regional marketing director for The Village. “It lets us serve great local foods. We researched some of the best food trucks in the Valley and approached them.”

Calle 75‘s West Coast-style Mexican street tacos have been a staple at the Capital City Public Market since 2008. Now Calle 75 serves its tacos at an all-glass restaurant in the center of the plaza near the dancing fountain feature.

RiceWorks rolled onto Boise’s street food scene in 2010 and also decided to open a permanent location in The Village at Meridian. RiceWorks still offers its signature egg rolls along with its popular spicy Korean taco, piled high with kimchi and Sriracha sauce.

Cacicia’s Old World Sicilian Foods, which opened its truck in 2013, now sells its deep-fried ravioli, basil bruschetta burgers and Godfather Melts—complete with mozzarella, provolone, meatballs, pepperoni, alfredo and marinara sauce—from a permanent space at The Village.