Boston: Diners “Chasing” Food Trucks in Back Bay, Fenway-Kenmore

Josh Beer, one of the owners of Mobile Home Food Truck, takes an order outside - photo Sara Brown for

By Sara Brown |

Josh Beer, one of the owners of Mobile Home Food Truck, takes an order outside - photo Sara Brown for

While food trucks were few and far between on the first few days of Boston’s new food truck initiative, most of the city’s new eateries are now on the streets, dishing out cupcakes, sandwiches, and cold drinks to a growing number of food truck fans.

Business was brisk at The Dining Car Wednesday, with the bright-orange truck dishing out sandwiches, shoestring potatoes, and jasmine iced tea outside of Morse Auditorium on Boston University’s campus.

Chef David Harnik said the new food truck locations are going great, noting “how excited the people are that there are trucks on the street,” with some saying there has been a need for interesting, artisanal food.

One of the benefits of the food truck movement, he said, has been the blossoming community of food truck owners The Boston Area Food Truck Association—Harnik is the vice president—meets to discuss “what’s working and what’s not working,” he said, and help each other out, such as sharing cash register paper when one location runs out.

“The city did a great job of choosing some of the locations,” he added.

The busiest locations for The Dining Car, he said, have been the Morse Auditorium location and the spot outside the Boston Public Library. And while people have been ordering everything, the caprese sandwich is particularly popular, with fresh focaccia bread baked on the truck—he pointed to racks with freshly-baked loaves—and artisan, handmade mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and basil walnut pesto.

The sandwich is $7, and the truck takes cash and credit cards.

Michelle Toomey and Sarah Sullivan said the new food trucks are convenient, with the Dining Car and the Cupcakory truck parking near their workplace at Boston University. Before, “There weren’t a lot of take-out food options close to campus,” Toomey said, without going over to Kenmore Square or to the western part of the campus.

The two said they were on a mission for the shoestring potatoes. “The topping they put on them is awesome,” Toomey said.

“We came out especially because we knew they’d be here today,” Sullivan said.

“I feel like I’ve been chasing (the food trucks) for the last few days, finding out which ones are where and when,” said Ken Carpenter, a Jamaica Plain resident who works downtown. He was outside the Boston Public Library waiting for his order from the Mobile Home food truck.