Boston: Four Food Trucks to Look Out for in Boston this Fall

Food trucks will be operating well into fall around Boston

By BHendrick | Douglas Park Apts

Food trucks will be operating well into fall around Boston

Food trucks know no season. Even though summer seems like the perfect time to stop by a food truck for some fast-yet-quality grub to eat outdoors, it looks like the trend will carry well into the fall, too.

Four food trucks worth checking out will have rolling and permanent locations throughout Boston. If you balk at the largely unhealthy menu items, don’t worry– the city requires that all food trucks must have at least one healthy option made available. So, eat up!

Go Fish uses local sources for its seafood, so you know you’re getting the freshest fishes out there. May be found at various locations throughout the city.

Pennypackers is located at Tide Street and Northern Avenue. This truck also offers fresh local food in the realm of sandwiches and salads.

Momogoose was the first winner of Boston’s Food Truck Challenge. Vegan and vegetarian options are available on top of its regular fare. Usually parked at City Hall Plaza and South Station.

BBQsmith cooks up pork, chicken, and “mystery meat” with flavorful sauces. You can find this mobile eatery at Rose Kennedy Greenway’s Chinatown gate.

That should get your mouth watering! What are some of your favorite food trucks in Boston? Let us know!