Branded Food Trucks & Tweets [video]

by Martina |

Sneakers & Denim. Ice-cream & Tacos. Looks like branded Food Trucks are becoming trendy. Mobile marketing 3.0 I would dare to say, and not just because these carts have obviously wheels.

As from late June the Nike Sportswear Ice Cream Truck has been traveling various locations around New York offering sneakers, t-shirts and, of course ice-cream.

An evolution of the project they launched last year in Portland, OR: the Destroyer Burrito.

Gap got possibly inspired by the idea, and came up with the “Pico de Gap” project. A food truck serving tacos for $1.69, referring to the Gap 1969 premium denim collection, and offering discounts on Gap denim. They started last weekend in LA, and more trucks will show up on the streets and at music festivals in San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

Kind of a funny traditional idea revisited with a digital touch, with Twitter playing a role both in Nike and Gap case. The social media is the place to go to follow and be able to spot the food trucks around the city.