Brownsville, TX: City Approves Food Truck Courts

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By  Aisha Baskette  |  Brownsville Herald

MGN Online
MGN Online

Brownsville city commissioners held their first meeting of the new year on Tuesday, amending an ordinance to allow food trucks on private property in Brownsville.

The amendment was approved on second and final reading. It amends a zoning ordinance to define requirements for mobile vendor food courts. Fundamentally a private initiative, the amendment authorizes issuance of a specific use permit to develop a food truck park on private property.

The approved changes to the ordinance pertain to parking requirements and include the use of specific terminology.

In the ordinance, what was once referred to as “license requirements” was changed to “specific-use requirements.” City officials made the modification at a prior meeting, held on Dec. 8, to avoid confusion as the words were often used interchangeably.

A second change made by the amended ordinance leaves the number of allowed permits to the discretion of the city manager and planning and zoning commission.

The third approved change allows for accommodation of various sized lots, shifting food park courts parking and maximum lot sizes.

All commissioners except Deborah Portillo, Brownsville City Commissioner for District 3, were present. Mayor Tony Martinez was also in attendance at the meeting