Cake Girl’s Kitchen: Another “” Food Truck Funding Project

Another Funding Project

Another Funding Project

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About this project

I am going to buy and transform a simple delivery truck into an amazing mobile bakery and sweets shop.

Close your eyes and imagine a child tugging on his mom’s sweater, his eyes ablaze, face lit up, as he pulls her toward this whimsical truck ready to serve them up a smile. What an unexpected treat! It’s just like an old fashioned bakesale, but on wheels!

Cakegirl’s MOBILE Kitchen will be the first food truck in Northwest Arkansas that focuses on homemade desserts and snacks. Everything baked in small batches, no prepackaged ingredients; we use the same real ingredients that your grandmother used when baking for the family.

Believe me, any support, no matter how big or small is welcomed and appreciated. The potential for success of this project is huge. I just need your help to get started. Think of yourself as a dream supporter. Take a look at the cool rewards we cooked up on the right side of the page. Once the project is funded, you have something pretty awesome to look forward to receiving.

The money received when this project is funded will be used to:
1. purchase a truck
2. purchase and install kitchen equipment
3. paint and personalize the truck

Taking the business mobile is only a starter project on the Cakegirl’s Kitchen radar. Our ultimate goal is to open a mixed use commercial kitchen that will serve as a culinary business incubator, community resource, and a venue for children’s cooking classes. Our vision is to encourage and facilitate food service business development while igniting a passion for cooking and eating real food within the community .

If you would like a closer glimpse into who we are, please visit our website and “like” our Facebook page

Again, thank you!