California: Habit Burger to Launch Food Truck

Habit Burger Grill hits the road....

by Nancy Luna |

Habit Burger Grill hits the road....

The Habit Burger Grill is the latest fast-food chain to join the mobile food truck craze.

Earlier this year, Jack in the Box launched a food truck. Now we bring you the exclusive news that the Irvine-based The Habit Burger, which has three Orange County locations, is in the process building a large scale catering truck for special events.

“We’re really excited about it,” said Mike Mirkil, The Habit’s vice president of marketing.

The 22-foot-long truck is being built with a large kitchen and prep area so it can serve most of the The Habit’s regular menu, except milkshakes. Unlike indie food trucks sweeping the Southern California region, Mirkil said The Habit’s truck will be available on a “reservation basis” for special events.

The chain does not plan to roam the streets of Los Angeles and Orange counties Tweeting its position, he said.

“People can reserve The Habit truck just like a Carl’s Jr. (Star Diner) or the In-N-Out truck,” he said.

Pricing has not been set because the chain plans to offer various custom menu plans for customers. For example, someone can rent the truck  for burgers, fries and sodas. Or for a larger price, the truck can offer sandwiches, burgers, fries and sodas.

Tell us: Before the truck  hits the road in late summer,  it must be christened. The Habit is asking Maven readers to help them name the new truck. Write in and give them your suggestions.

Habit burger opening news: A 5th O.C. location to open late summer

Nearly 40 Habit restaurants exist in California. The original first four restaurants operate under a different owner in the Santa Barbara area. The Irvine-based Habit Restaurants company will open its 35th location in West Covina next month. The first Arizona location will open in late May in South Tempe.