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Gourmet Truck Expo | South Florida Food Trucks

By Ryan Monahan  |  Gourmet Truck Expo

Gourmet Truck Expo | South Florida Food Trucks
Gourmet Truck Expo | South Florida Food Trucks

Starting this past Sunday, the First Sunday’s Gourmet Food Truck Fare” was hosted.

This month’s food was provided by trucks from Los Angeles and Orange County.

Chef Danny Moon served his grilled cheese sandwiches with a Korean flair.

Vegetarian?  Falasophy serves only vegetarian and mostly vegan food. For those with a taste for sushi, The Rolling Sushi van rolled in will sushi and hand-made rolls.

For those that preferred meat, folks got as much as they could eat at the “Eat ‘Em Up Truck.

Chef inspired classic American food:  hamburgers , chicken burgers, gourmet fries are just a few of their offerings.

Oh, and Grandpa’s Ice Cream Shoppe provided dessert.

The Coachella Valley Art Scene provided live entertainment.

It was a great way to kick off this new tradition.

So get out your pen and calendar and mark down the first Sunday of every month!