Chef Jason Quinn (GFTR) Tells Yelper to ‘Burn in Hell’

by Andrea Grimes |

When Southern California’s Great Food Truck Race winner Chef Jason Quinn isn’t busy running his new restaurant The Playground, he sits down to read and respond to his Yelp reviews with thoughtful critiques like: “Burn in hell.” That’s what the former Lime Truck chef told a one-star reviewer who didn’t think much of his brick-and-mortar establishment, which has 115 Yelp reviews and 4.5 stars.

Foodbeast analyzes the spat, noting that Quinn spent five paragraphs rebutting the reviewer before closing with those fiery un-well-wishes. Calling the diners “trully awful” (sic) Quinn peppers his response with not one but two all-caps iterations of “F*CK YOU.” Which leads Foodbeast to wonder: “Even if a chef can win an argument, should it be had in the first place?