Chicago, IL: Check Out Fido to Go – It’s a Food Truck for Dogs!

By Melissa L. Kauffman |  Dogster


My food hound Tampa Bay probably dreams about food on wheels, and now his dream has come true thanks to Donna Santucci, owner of Fido to Go. As the nation’s first doggie food truck, Fido to Go features natural, organic treats, including gluten-free nibbles, doggie frozen yogurts, and Midwest-sourced natural treats and chews for dogs and cats.

I had to ask Donna: Why food trucks? “We thought it would be fun for furkids and their humans to come to the truck — similar to an ice cream truck for human children,” she said.

She added that they used their extensive background in animal nutrition and dermatology to deliver healthy allergy-free treats to more pups with a twist rather than a traditional brick and mortar. “It was something nobody else had, and it was different.”

You can find Fido to go in Chicago and San Diego. “Our plans are to expand to more cities in the near future,” Donna said.

Fido to go has a great menu that includes: a variety of Fi-Yo frozen yogurt flavors, cookies (like rabbit, salmon and sweet potato, and venison), chews, and meat treats (such as odorless Wisconsin beef bully sticks).

Donna got into the pet industry because of her Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog mix Maddie, who passed away at age 14 this past October. “I’m still getting over the loss,” she said.


A former groomer, Donna’s life has been changed by the food truck business.

“This is a passion,” she explained. “I work approximately 18 hours a day and love every minute. I’m so grateful to all our human and furry customers. If it wasn’t for them and all the awesome media coverage, we would not be successful. I can’t imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life.”

Donna wanted to give back by helping disabled and homeless dogs with the Charity of the Month cookie. Fido to Go features a special cookie each month, donating 10 percent of the proceeds to a charitable organization.

Check out Fido to Go on Facebook, Twitter at @fidotogo (Chicago) and Twitter @fidotogoSD (San Diego), and