Chicago: Sad News on the Food Truck Front – No More Meatyballs Mobile

Foss with His Meatyballs Food Truck in Chicago

By Christina Raptis |
Last Friday on Twitter, Phillip Foss (Chef & Owner of ELideas and The Meatyballs Mobile) announced that his food truck will no longer consistently roll through the streets of Chicago.

Foss with His Meatyballs Food Truck in Chicago

I was devastated by the news.  The Meatyballs Mobile was one of my favorite food trucks out on the road.  Their meatballs were divine and the service the food truck offered was genuine.  Each time I picked up some meatyballs I had a fun conversation with the person working the truck that day.

The good news is that not only is Phillip Foss’ restaurant ELideas doing so well that they’re thinking of expansion, but he made this decision so he could focus ALL of his attention on the restaurant.  As he stated on Friday, the food truck might make some pop-up appearances every once and a while.

I wish him luck in his future endeavors and have high hopes that when The Meatyballs Mobile makes a cameo on the streets, that I will be nearby to indulge in their delicious balls.