Chicago: Saturday Food Truck Rally at 694 Wine and Spirits

Inside the bar at 694.

By Anthony Todd |

Inside the bar at 694.

It’s a day for food truck news on Chicagoist. Starting this Saturday, August 13th, a new weekly gathering of food trucks is starting up. While these are becoming almost commonplace (now we have Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday food truck pow-wows) we still love them, since it lets all of the people who can’t get to the trucks during the workday sample their wares. Plus, this one is happening at 694 Wine and Spirits, a great spot to knock back a few. From 4-7, in collaboration with the Red Canary, the event is scheduled to attract a ton of trucks and pour out some drink specials.

At 694, select bottles of wine will be only $12, and the open lot next door will be filled with trucks.

Guaranteed participants (as of now) include:

5411 Empanadas
– Meatyballs Mobile
– Starfruit
Sweet Ride
– Sweet Miss Givings
– The Pie Machine
– gaztro-wagon
– Tamale Spaceship
– Taquero Fusion
– Fido to Go

And more may jump on board as the week goes on. Right now, this is planned to be an ongoing Saturday party (at least as long as the weather holds).

694 Wine and Spirits is located at 694 North Milwaukee Avenue.