China: KFC rolls out self-driving food trucks in China and it’s sort of wild

By Sean Szymkowski |

Some experts believe the self-driving cars are in for a boom, thanks to how the coronavirus pandemic has started to reshape how we purchase goods. When a top priority is to slow the spread of a contagious virus, having things delivered can help some people. Now take the driver out of the equation, for better or worse, and things are even simpler.

Well, that’s what renowned fried chicken expert KFC did in China. Users on Twitter first spotted these self-driving food trucks of sorts in the country serving up contract-free fried chicken last week. These “restaurants on wheels” appear to be part of a partnership between a Chinese company called Neolix and Yum Brands, which owns KFC. Neither Yum nor Neolix immediately returned Roadshow’s request for comment, but doing a little digging unearthed the connection.