Columbus, OH: New Food Trucks 2013 – Stacey’s 5 Dollar Hollar

By Ayana Wilson | Columbus Underground

 OH-columbus-staceys-5-dollar-hollarIt’s finally here. Its murmurings are faint, but if you stand completely still, and are completely quiet, you’ll feel its presence – Spring. Flower buds are pushing through the cracks in the pavements, birds are again chirping loudly at inappropriate hours of the morning, and food trucks are all gussied up and ready to serve hungry hibernators. This year, there’s no shortage of mobile restaurants each with its own individual spin on the food we all crave. Here’s a look at some of the newer ones you can enjoy while you soak up Spring’s stingy rays:

Stacey’s 5 Dollar Hollar

Although Stacey’s 5 Dollar Hollar is not technically a “new” food truck, they will be new to a crowd of hungry foodies when they debut at Dinin’ Hall this month. Originally from Marion, Stacey’s combination of Korean and Mexican fare can usually be bought at 868 W. Lane Avenue where the truck regularly sets up in front of  Campus Pitt Stop and U-Haul. They make the move to join the food truck cafeteria  this April, offering customers their own distinctive flair for fusion street food. They’re best known for The Freak, “the kind of sandwich you don’t take home to your Mother”, as it’s a 12-inch behemoth of your choice of steak, chicken, burger patties or lamb topped with french fries, cheese, Asian coleslaw, onions, bacon, more cheese, and thousand-island dressing.  Or you can really get your taste buds dancing with the Korean Burrito, Korean BBQ pulled pork, kimchi, fried rice, more of that Asian coleslaw, homemade cilantro cream sauce, and cheese all wrapped in a 12-inch tortilla. They’re open from 10:30am-8pm Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 3pm-8pm on Saturdays, and mobile on Tuesdays. To find just where these crazy culinarians will be, follow them at

Street food is here to stay, further evidenced by the emergence of these new mobile restaurants. Whether you’re into grandma’s comfort food, international cuisine, or good ole fashioned American grub, there’s a truck with your name on it. So get out there and eat – Spring demands it!