Columbus, OH: New Food Trucks 2013 – The Grub Gallery

By  Ayana Wilson | Columbus Underground


It’s finally here. Its murmurings are faint, but if you stand completely still, and are completely quiet, you’ll feel its presence – Spring. Flower buds are pushing through the cracks in the pavements, birds are again chirping loudly at inappropriate hours of the morning, and food trucks are all gussied up and ready to serve hungry hibernators. This year, there’s no shortage of mobile restaurants each with its own individual spin on the food we all crave. Here’s a look at some of the newer ones you can enjoy while you soak up Spring’s stingy rays:

The Grub Gallery

Food, like art, is subjective. Everyone has an opinion about what constitutes “good” bred out of a combination of upbringing and aesthetic. To test your current taste standard of both, check out the debut of  The Grub Gallery truck at Dinin’ Hall, 400 W. Rich Street, this April. Owner Kelsey Skeen’s new brainchild highlights great food and locally-made art, which is sold, and can even be made, on-site. Their menu features such illustrious combinations like the BBQ Pork & Mac ‘n’ Cheese Panini, a decadent amalgamation of two comfort classics, and the Mediterranean Hummus Panini, which partners traditional hummus with artichoke hearts, feta cheese, and the mysterious and addictive Grown-Up Sauce, all served between two griddled slices of Garlic Bread. If you can’t get to the Franklinton spot, The Grub Gallery regularly man the kitchen at Tommy O’Bryan’s  Pub located at 8270 Sancus Blvd in Westerville, and hopes to be at the Columbus Commons and the OSU Medical Center in the near future. Their motto, “Eat, Create, Be Happy”, drives Skeen and her team and they eventually hope to take their concept to the suburbs of Columbus, sponsor community events and feature new visual artists weekly. For more on The Grub Gallery’s adventures around Central Ohio, follow them at

Street food is here to stay, further evidenced by the emergence of these new mobile restaurants. Whether you’re into grandma’s comfort food, international cuisine, or good ole fashioned American grub, there’s a truck with your name on it. So get out there and eat – Spring demands it!