Columbus, OH: Some food trucks using Ohio-grown soybean oil to fry up food at Columbus Com

By Ben Gelber  |  NBC 4


Sixty-eight food truck operators are spread out across Columbus Commons, offering a wide variety of Ohio-grown and produced foods that you normally find in a restaurant, but can enjoy outside.

Entertainment commences Friday evening with Angela Pearly, adding energy to a weekend of food-tasting.

New this year is a highly oleic soybean oil, being tested by five food truck operators, which fits the recent FDA ruling requiring the elimination of artificial trans fats from the American diet during the next three years.

Brett Davis, who farms several thousand acres in northwestern Delaware County, says there are potential economic advantages for the 24,000 Ohio soybean farmers.

He said locally-grown high oleic soybeans is “zero trans fats, but also … very low in saturated fats to make the oil a better fit.

“The food doesn’t absorb the oil as fast, so you don’t taste the greasiness when you have those nice French fries.”

Food truck operators says folks sampling the food prepared with the Ohio–grown soybean oil will be providing feedback on the taste and quality of a variety of fried foods.