Components of a Successful Concession Business

Posted By Tara | Staff Writer |

There are several different ways to sell food as a food concession vendor. You may wish to choose from many different pieces of equipment. There are also several locations you can pick from. Food choice has a lot to do with both of these decisions.

Probably the first thing you need to think about when wanting to become a food concession vendor is to pick a type or style of food. The best way to determine this is to determine what you are good at, something that may be in your heritage, and to determine what is in the location you are going to be in.

First, choose to make a style of food that you will be good at preparing. If you can not cook Chinese food, then by all means, cook something else. If you are great at grilling, you may have found the forte you have been looking for in deciding the type of food you will sell. Use your strengths. This will give you an extreme leg up when it comes to the way you run your business, as well as the routine of day to day operations. Plus, if you cook something you are good at, you will be more likely to have a satisfied customer than if you are risking something that may not turn out well.

Another way to choose food type or style may be to use your heritage. If you are Hispanic and have strong heritage, you may be able to connect with and cook for that type of demographic. For example, cooking tacos and burritos is a great way to use your heritage in the way that you cook. Your love for the food and heritage of your ancestors will come through in the way you treat people and the taste of your food. Don’t be afraid to use who you are in order to make a living.

Finally, choosing food is also dependent upon location. For example, in a remote, rural community, there may not be a huge demand for sushi. On the other hand, Barbeque and other southern foods will probably go over very big in this type of area. Choose your food wisely. If you choose incorrectly, you will not have customers to cater to. Use common sense and also, don’t be afraid to take suggestions from potential customers.

Location is another key to making money in the food service industry. If there are no nearby businesses, houses, or people, you will likely fail at making money. Foot-traffic, customers already out for something else, may help you succeed with food sales. Another good thing to remember when choosing location is to be in an easily accessible and safe place. Make sure people can pull in and out safely and simply.

Equipment is another component to food sales in the food concession business. You must determine how you will sell your food. First, make sure your equipment is compatible with the food you want to serve. If you are planning on selling barbeque, don’t buy a hotdog cart. On the other hand, having a pull-behind smoker may be just what you need. There are several types of equipment. The concession trailer is a building on wheels. This helps lend a “permanent structure” quality to your business. This provides a way to cook almost unlimited food types. A hot dog cart is ideal for a small investment. Your food types will severely limited, but you can always expand when you make a success of your small investment. A concession truck is perhaps the most expensive way to make a living from the food service industry, especially if you are purchasing new equipment. However, there are many benefits from using a truck. There is no hitching, you have the building like structure but have the mobility needed to be a success in this industry.

Deciding on these components are important first steps to becoming successful in the food service industry. Choosing wisely will show benefit in the end. Choosing foolishly can lead to failing in business before you even start.