Corona del Mar, CA: Roger’s Gardens to Host Weekly Food Trucks

STAFF | Corona del Mar Today

Roger’s Gardens will be hosting food trucks this spring, with different trucks scheduled on weekends beginning March 10.

“It’s a really fun idea,” said Sarah Hansen, events and seminars coordinator for Roger’s Gardens. “It’s great that you can say, ‘Let’s go eat at Roger’s Gardens!’”

The first food truck will be Crepes Bonaparte on Saturday March 10, followed by Seabirds Truck on March 11, during Roger’s Tomatomania Weekend.

Other food trucks scheduled are Lime Truck on March 24 and 25, Lobsta Truck on April 14, Soho Taco on April 21 and May 26, California Grill Truck on April 28, Panfiniti on May 5, Piaggio on May 12 and Seabirds Truck again on May 19.

Roger’s Gardens hosted food trucks during the holiday season on a few weekends, Hansen said, and they were a hit. She said that if the spring trucks prove successful, more tuck visits could be scheduled.

The trucks will be parked in the back lot near the entrance by the patio furniture section.

For more information, visit Roger’s Gardens’ website. Roger’s Gardens is located at 2301 San Joaquin Hills Road.

Food trucks have become a popular dining option nationwide. Last summer, the city of Newport Beach arranged for several food trucks to serve as concessionaires at Big Corona State Beach while the concessions stand remained vacant; read an earlier story here.