Dallas: City Street Grille Food Truck visits Design District

by Kendall Shiffler of Lower Oak Lawn

Monday night while watching The Bachelor, I squealed with joy over a tweet from City Street Grille announcing that they would be serving in front of Leslie Taylor Home on Tuesday. You see, gourmet food trucks are all the craze in Dallas right now and I’ve been dying for one to set up shop in the Dallas Design District.

A lunch meeting already set for today, it was not hard to convince Damany (Event Evangelist for Eventbrite) to try out this “new” concept. Damany informed me that these trucks are also wildly popular in San Francisco right now. A native New Yorker, Damany is used to eating food from trucks and carts!

So what should you expect from a gourmet food truck? City Street Grille is the first permitted custom-built food truck in Dallas. They use only the highest quality food products and have an extensive menu. They serve different items every day. Today they offered three styles of wraps: Southwestern, Greek and Cuban.

Photo, taken 2011-02-23 12:28:08 Photos by Kendall Shiffler

I tried the Southwestern wrap and enjoyed it immensely. The “southwest sauce” was delicious and the pico had a great little kick to it. Spicy, but not too spicy. Damany, who skipped breakfast and was feeling particularly hungry, tried both the Cuban and the Greek wraps. He liked the Greek better but said both were excellent.

Apparently other Design District neighbors were fans too. By 1 p.m., they were running low on supplies. Those of you who didn’t get to try it out can get another chance to taste their delicious food tomorrow! Word is they’ll be back in LOL.

You can learn City Street Grill’s whereabouts by following @CityStreetGrill on Twitter or liking them on Facebook.