Dallas, TX: Beat the Heat with 6 Frozen Treat Trucks to Find This Summer Around D-FW

Ice treats from the gourmet shaved ice company Enticed. (Jason Janik, Mei-Chun Jau)

By Meagan Clark  |  Dallas News

Ice treats from the gourmet shaved ice company Enticed. (Jason Janik, Mei-Chun Jau)
Ice treats from the gourmet shaved ice company Enticed. (Jason Janik, Mei-Chun Jau)

Before air conditioning lures you indoors this summer, look for one of several frozen treat trucks rolling around Dallas-Fort Worth. Your sweet tooth is sure to approve.

1. If you see a bright blue truck with large pink scoops dripping down its dash, that’s likely What’s Da Scoop. What’s Da Scoop launched in May and promises “premium, old fashioned ice cream fresh from Wisconsin.” They’re going for the rich, creamy ice cream blends Northerners love, with added twists such as “Fat Elvis” (organic banana puree, chocolate chips and peanut butter chunks); “Blue Moon” (blue ice cream with Fruit Loops); and the “Black Magic” cone (a Nutella-lined waffle cone with the Wisconsin chocolate ice cream Zanzibar, plus dulce de leche, sea salt and whipped cream). They also offer customized sundaes and floats with Dr. Brown’s sodas. Owners Dain Pool and Jonathan Wagner operate The Butcher’s Son and Gandolfo’s New York Deli food trucks.

Where to find them: Follow them on Twitter or on Facebook to try to catch them when they will be in Dallas at Klyde Warren Park, Main Street Garden or Vail Street.

2. A black van with four cups of colorful ice painted on the side belongs to Enticed. Enticed serves shaved ice from a block – unlike crushed ice in snow cones – with homemade syrups that don’t contain preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. Enticed offers 30 flavors including iced tea, pomegranate, wedding cake, and more. They offer a few sugar-free options daily.

Where to find them: Follow them on Twitter or on Facebook. Last week, Enticed stopped by the Lowe’s on Inwood Road, the Dallas Arts District, Ft. Worth Pediatrics, the Fish Gallery on Greenville Avenue, and the Walgreens on Mockingbird Lane by Matilda Street.

3. Parrot Icce sports a Hawaiian-themed van “licensed to chill.” Parrot Icce also serves shaved ice from a block, and many of their 37 flavors are made with condensed milk. Cruisin’ Kitchen, a mobile vendor building business based in San Antonio, built their truck. Childhood friends from Plano, Steve and Scott, started Parrot Icce to support Collin County’s youth academics, athletics and other extracurricular activities. Scott was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died in February 2013, and Steve has continued his friend’s legacy with Parrot Icce.

Where to find them: Follow Parrot Icce on Twitter or on Facebook.

4. A yellow trailer with a mint green carnival border is Gypsy Scoops. Gypsy Scoops’s  “walk-through ice cream parlor” serves old-fashioned ice cream in traditional flavors.

Where to find them: Gypsy Scoops has recently served in the Fort Worth Zoo, the Fort Worth Music Fest and Chestnut Square in McKinney. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to find them.

5. Short-n-Sweet serves popsicles out of a classic white ice cream truck with the name hand-painted in green and pink. They serve 12 flavors of paletas, or frozen fruit and cream bars, that come in mango, coconut, rice pudding, pecan, and other flavors. Short-n-Sweet gets its name from its co-owners and operators, Jason “BAM” Owens and “Ms. Pebbles,” who are little people.

Where to find them: Short-n-Sweet usually shows up for city festivals, like the food truck festival in the ballpark in Arlington in April. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

6. Look for a silver ice cream truck with a hot pink roof to find Coolhaus. Coolhaus serves ice cream sandwiched between two cookies. The menu ranges from potato chip and butterscotch to red velvet. They also offer gluten-free coconut almond, vegan carrot cake and vegan chocolate truffle banana.

Where to find them: Follow Coolhaus on Twitter and Facebook.

Do you know of any other frozen treat trucks? Is any of these a favorite of yours?