Dallas, TX : Dallas’ Only Vegan Food Truck Zombie’s is Closing; Owner Hopes to Sell

By Tiney Ricciardi | DallasNews.com

Zombies Food Truck is an all-vegan mobile endeavor founded by Fred Hoang-Davis, whose professional ambition was to start a vegan restaurant. Now he owns one that moves all over DFW.

FORT WORTH — Dallas’ only vegan food truck Zombie’s is closing, as first reported by CultureMap, but we’ve now learned the business is rolling in a new direction. Owner of Zombie’s Food Truck Fred Hoang-Davis said he is working with another local vegan who is in the market to buy his truck and open another mobile vegan establishment.

“The party interested in the truck is willing to move forward as quickly as their investor will allow,” Hoang-Davis said in a phone conversation Wednesday.

While he could not release the name of the potential buyer, he said they have a solid business plan that has been submitted to the investor. Similar to Hoang-Davis’ own journey, the potential buyer once planned to open a restaurant, but couldn’t secure enough capital. Hoang-Davis said he hopes deals are successful to “keep that void [of a vegan food truck option] from developing too long.”

If this one does not work out, he said there are several other entrepreneurs interested in reopening the truck as a vegan safehaven.

Hoang-Davis discontinued Zombie’s operations after 10 months because of the overbearing time commitment. He currently works full-time as a data analyst for a Fort Worth-based company while his wife attends nursing school. The couple has two children, ages 5 and 8, with which this Head Zombie hopes to spend more time.

Though he will not be on the road cooking, Hoang-Davis told Pegasus News he will be offering catering services, baking goods, and working with restaurants who want to offer more vegan-friendly choices to their menu. Hoang-Davis plans to keep the Zombie’s brand alive by publishing a cookbook of the food truck’s recipes, as well as a few of his other favorite culinary gems. He expects the book, which will only be released electronically, to be out by the end of November.

“My goal is to provide something to our fans so they can still enjoy our food even though we’re not around,” he said.