Dallas, TX: Failed Food Truck Ideas


By Nick Rallo | Dallas Observer


It’s tough work starting a food truck. There’s the prep work, the broken knee after Jimmy “The Bag” hobbles you for falling behind on the Meat Tax, and managing Twitter. When the concept works, it can be an exciting food adventure that becomes part of the city’s culinary lexicon. An organic art form in a processed food world, if you will.

These food trucks are not that. They are the ideas that failed miserably and were wholly rejected by the public.

Ku Klux Klams (above)
It Served: Fried Ipswich clams with a “superior white wine and cilantro dipping sauce.”
It Failed Because: Before a blown tire caused the vehicle to careen off a bridge (the break lines were mysteriously cut) and disappear into a lake, the owners received over two tons of hate mail. I guess their clams weren’t fresh enough?


Chicken and Luftwaffles
It Served: Fried Chicken, formed into the shape of a “pilot” and stuffed inside a model airplane made from waffle.
It Failed Because: The scale of the waffle plane (over two feet in length) proved too cumbersome to eat.


It Served: Bowl of pho served inside the “chest cavity” of a turducken
It Failed Because: Business was crippled from a lawsuit filed after scalding hot Pho steam burned a man’s face when he cut open the turducken.


The Cleaved Beav
It Served: Fifties-era diner burgers
It Failed Because: The truck’s driver, a trained, bipedal British Columbia beaver, proved unreliable and irresponsible.


Just Curryous
It Served: “Sociopathically” Spicy Indian cuisine, tacos
It Failed Because: The infamous TV incident (see: Travel Channel Star Dies on Camera After Consuming Trinidad Scorpion Extract Curry) caused sales to plummet. There were some health-code violations, too.