Dallas, TX: Very Individual Pizza Food Truck Hits the Streets of Dallas

By George Lewis  |  D Magazine


“Very Individual Pizza” Food Truck is a new brand from the  folks who have given us  Crazy Fish Sushi, Mad Grill Pan-Asian, and Mr. Snowie.  V.I. P., as it reads on the side of the truck, is serving a 14-inch by four-and-a-half inch flatbread pizza as a base which is covered in topping to create “pizzas” such as The Reuben, Taco Flatbread, Mac ‘n’ Cheese Flatbread, Thai Flatbread, and The Reuben (Take a look at the full menu).

V. I. Pizza will be one of the only food trucks out with a dedicated kids section. ‘Natch there are chicken wings, but they also offer half-size portions and kid-friendly selections that include a Peanut Butter and Jelly, Mac ‘n Cheese, and a standard pepperoni. Dessert options include an apple pie flatbread. And Snow Cones!

Expect to see V. I. Pizza in the next couple of weeks.  I will list their stops on our weekly Food Truck schedule which is posted on Tuesdays.