Dallas: Yep, This Food Truck is Cheesy – In a Good Way

Good thing the hospitals are nearby: Eating this artery-clogging grilled cheese can't be good for you. June Naylor

By June Naylor | DFW.com

Good thing the hospitals are nearby: Eating this artery-clogging grilled cheese can't be good for you. June Naylor

Finding the  Messy Cheesy Gourmet Food truck is the tricky part. Finding things to like on its menu is a no-brainer, as long as you’re not looking for an especially healthy lunch.

The first time I went in search of one of Fort Worth’s newer mobile dining venues, I was vexed by 1) incorrect addresses on flyers and online postings; and 2) inconsistent information about hours. Finally, I found the truck on Mistletoe Blvd., opposite Baylor All Saints ER, early in the lunch hour. The truck guys said they’d be moving over to Plaza Medical later in the lunch hour. A day or so later, I found them again by Baylor All Saints, offering the same info about moving over to Plaza later in the day.

If the line is long at the cheesy food truck, you can cool your heels while reading the menu. June Naylor

Good enough to go on, I thought. So I stuck around to grab lunch and talk to some of the regulars queuing up for what smelled like excellent eats.

My favorite exchange of the day went like this.

Customer: “Can I get french fries with my grilled cheese sandwich?”

Truck guy: “No, we don’t do fries anymore. It was too messy and stinky and we didn’t sell enough.”

Same customer: “OK, so can I get cheese fries with my grilled cheese sandwich?”

Truck guy, head cocked to one side: “We don’t have fries. We have chips.”

Same customer: “But I wanted fries.”

I was much easier. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, hold the fries. I asked for bacon on the sandwich, and that was cool with the cook. In about 3 minutes, I had a hot, buttery sandwich (multigrain bread) with lots of cheddar and swiss cheeses and bacon, topped with crumbled feta and chopped green onion. I added pickled jalapenos from the self-service bar at the truckside, where you grab your cold drinks.


The Messy Cheesy Food Truck parks outside Baylor All Saints earlier in the lunch hour. June Naylor

The sandwiches come with a choice of potato salad or cole slaw; I gave the slaw points for having lots of coarsely shredded purple cabbage but I didn’t care for the heavy, sweet dressing so much.

It was a delicious sandwich, to be sure, but I’m not sure it was $7 worth of good. $5, maybe.

But I like the concept, nevertheless. The menu is la

den with appealing choices, including grilled mac and cheese; baked spaghetti; mac and cheese sandwich; and a big Chicago-style Hebrew dog.

Just since I visited a couple of days ago, however, changes are already afoot at the Messy Cheesy Food Truck. According to the most recent Facebook postings, menu tweaking has delivered a new breakfast menu and a chicken wrap has been added to the lunch menu.

Troubling, though, is news that the Baylor location didn’t work out due to lackluster sales. The cheesy folks are looking for a better locale. We’ll have to watch the truck’s Facebook page to see where to look next. My hunch is the south side is still the target area.