DC’s “PORC”: Meat Wagon BBQ and Sausage on Wheels

D.C.'s Newest.... "PORC"

by UrbanDaddy.com

D.C.'s Newest.... "PORC"

They keep proclaiming the end of pork in this town.

But you know how to get around that. Dub your pork an “emergency appropriation.” Tuck it into a classified intelligence bill.

Or just spell it with a C and take it on the road.

Presenting PORC, a new BBQ-focused food truck, due to roll next week to rescue you from a cold, barren, dry rub–free existence.

Now, let’s be honest up front: the name of this truck is a handy little acronym that stands for “Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine,” not a meat-related spell-check oversight. What you also may not know: one of its partners is a former aerospace engineering student turned sausage purveyor (that old story) who designed the truck’s kitchen, as well as a custom smoker.

The truck hasn’t been given a fancy paint job yet, so right now you’ll look for a weathered white mail truck that may smell like a french fry, given its biodiesel power. Sure, they serve veggie burgers, but your business here is with meat. Specifically, pulled pork and chopped beef, smoked over hickory for at least 16 hours, and housemade sausage, such as chicken-chili and chorizo.

And don’t leave without trying dessert, in the form of a chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookie on a stick. They’re the product of a late-night creative spark over how to avoid burning one’s fingers on a hot cookie.

They don’t teach that in aerospace class.