Denton, TX: Denton’s Angry Friar Food Truck Serves Fish and Chips With a Side of Annoying

phot courtest of Angry Friar

By Lauren Drewes Daniels | Dallas Observer

phot courtest of Angry Friar

There’s an Angry Friar holed up in a green double-decker bus near the University of North Texas in Denton. The good news is reviews indicate that he has amazing fish and chips with curry sauce. The bad news is he is, in fact, an Angry Friar.

But what I can’t really get past is the fact native Englander, David Wilson, has been there for almost two years and I’m just now learning about it. I even go to Denton on occasion.

Pulling up the Angry Friar’s Facebook page, one of the first things I noticed is that Wilson reuses his cooking oil as fuel for his bus and generator. Alright. An environmentally aware fish and chips stand. Looking good.

But then, harkening to the “Angry” part of the Friar, he posted a comment which caught me a little off guard:

“The most amazing thing is on our Facebook page, it is a little word on the left side of our page and it says “Info”. It is a link – click on this link and you will see our location.”

A slightly older lady with a cute profile picture responded to the post with:

“I guess that comment was directed at me…”

Followed by another fan:

“The most unamazing thing about the iPhone facebook apps is the lack of this “Info”. Drove from Ft. Worth late (after 9pm) on Saturday to visit – perhaps a facebook post saying “sold out”? Or you could continue to be passive aggressive to your fans that post about how to find you.”

Maybe a tad abrasive for any other owner, but for an Angry Friar, it’s just an honest day’s work.

So, I clicked on the info page and saw what I consider to be one of the greatest fouls in written word: all caps.


The asterisks are a bonus. Well played, hostile fish fryer. But, really, what’s the fun in having a double-decker bus if you can’t go upstairs? And, I’m on the team where a combo implies a drink. Otherwise it’s ****FISH WITH A SIDE OF CHIPS****

Then I noticed a website address and hoped that therein I would find more specifics to this scandously-under-radar food truck. Not so much. The website is completely dedicated to the dumbass things his customers say.

To boot, the title of the blog is “Am I Famous?”, implying that if you say something dumb while ordering, he’ll post it on the website, after which you can tell all your friends you’ve reached a new level of stardom from your officially posted stupidity.

But honestly, it doesn’t matter. Because if he has good fish and chips, Friar can sling his anger on the walls all day long. And according to every review I’ve read on the place, the food is *****GOD DAMN WORTH IT****. Not a single complaint. Most comments on the FB page and on Yelp! praise the curry sauce served with the chips.

Speaking of which: Appears the Friar gets a lot of questions about the curry because he has an extra paragraph on that “amazing” info page, and I’m sure there were many long, exhaustive sighs over the keyboard as he typed it:

“Curry sauce is like a brown gravy with a little spice – it is common in Fish and Chip shops in England – we put it on your chips but we can also put it on your fish. Chips are fries.

I have no idea what hushpuppies are, never heard of them until I came over here. No way to describe them, I suggest Wikipedia.”

I can’t wait for my first visit.


I absolutely will, however, order hushpuppies.