Detroit Foodies and Their Dream Food Trucks

Detroit's "Jacques Tacos"

by Bonnie Caprara |

Detroit's "Jacques Tacos"

In cities like Los Angeles and New York City, adventurous eaters can pick up inexpensive gourmet street food such as dumplings, bao buns and French bistro fare from food trucks. But in the city known for motor vehicles, options are few. Here’s what some area foodies say they would like to see on the streets of Detroit.

David Benjamin: Where The Hungry Dudes go, hundreds follow. As part of the roving band of gourmands that track their cooking and dining adventures on the blog, David Benjamin says, “I’d like to see a twist on something you wouldn’t expect from a food truck – a fusion of some sort; something gourmet. Fish tacos are a good example with different toppings and a few different fish and tortillas to choose from.”

Craig Covey: Oakland County Commissioner and former Ferndale Mayor Craig Covey knows how important good eats are to the vibrant communities he serves, but there’s always room for improvement. “When I visit Mexico, there are food carts on the street that sell real Mexican food … little meat burritos and tacos,” Covey says. “And for a couple of years, Ferndale had a nighttime hot dog cart that sold Coneys outside the clubs, but it disappeared. It would be good to have it back.”

Michael Schafer, Esq.: Attorney and wine blogger Michael Schafer, Esq. drinks bad wine so you don’t have to and writes about his recommendations on his blog, The Wine Counselor. Good wine and good food should be fun, Schafer says, “What I’d like to see and would be easy to do is Korean or Thai because a lot of it can be served on a stick. There could be a fair amount of flexibility and variety that’s easy to eat.”

Ann Wilson: As business relations director of Culinary Escapes, Ann Wilson is in the know about good restaurants and food sources, especially those included in the Culinary Escapes walking tours of Royal Oak and Downtown Detroit. What’s missing from her list? “I’d love to see a sushi food truck,” Wilson says. “I love sushi. To be able to walk out my door and have it there, I’d love to be able to do that.”