Dubai, UAE: The World’s First Floating Food Truck Opens Next Month

Courtesy of Aquatic Architects Design Studio

By Abbey White  |  Food & Wine

Called the Aqua Pod, construction on this electricity-powered water restaurant started in May of last year and was finished in three months. Beyond the entire thing being electronically run (including electrical propulsion), the floating food truck was designed with sustainability in mind, including a built-in trash system that collects waste dropped in the surrounding water by customers, in addition to what accumulates on board.

As of now, the menu will focus on burgers with the potential to expand to pizzas and desserts (customers and chefs willing) in the future. The sandwich concept was selected for two reasons, the first being that burgers are easier to cook and handle while drifting on the seas. The second is based on the idea that people at the beach might like to eat a burger while lounging on the sand.

In order to get food to its customers, which include everyone from yachters and boaters to people on jet skis, AADS has developed two methods for delivery. The first involves a flag system where customers in crafts around the pod will receive a flag. Those wanting to order will simply raise theirs to call the waiter, and once their order it taken and delivered to the chefs, it will be delivered straight to their boats. The second is more self-serve by letting people order directly at the pod. You’d need a smaller craft or jet ski to settle up alongside the restaurant, so this option isn’t for everyone.

“The goal here is to redefine the idea of a food truck—which is always found on land—and to develop what you can call a floating kitchen that serves people who are in marine craft rather than cars,” Ahmad Yousuf, founder of Aquatic Architects Design Studio, told Gulf News.

The Aqua Pod is expected to hit the waters first in Dubai’s Jumeirah neighborhood, serving areas such as Al Sufouh and Kite Beach.



SOURCEFood & Wine