Dublin, CA: Food Truck Nation

By Sarah Frank | Dublin Patch

The food truck phenomenon is everywhere, but it is not new to the country.

In fact, when my own family traveled to Portland, Ore., a year-and-a-half ago, we were amazed to learn how food trucks had taken over the city. Before our trip, we even mapped several areas we wanted to visit, based on the food trucks, as many as 30 that were housed in specific parking lots all around the city.

Why are food trucks so prevalent around the country? The economy, plain and simple. People who are out of work are looking for other ways to earn a living, and food trucks are a great way to start a business where no rent is required, you can be your own boss, and you can do what you’ve always dreamed of doing — triumphing over a tragic loss of job and making the active choice to change your life.

Let’s not forget that the food on these trucks can be phenomenal, from gourmet to real street eats.  In Portland, we ate delicious Thai food at one food truck, salmon tacos at another, and even Indian food at a third.  No matter what you desire, there is a food truck that can cater to your needs.

The good news is that with shows like “The Great Food Truck Race” creating excitement, it’s becoming much easier to find food trucks as communities are welcoming them and crowds of hungry diners are drawn to them.

In fact, at Stoneridge Mall from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Friday through mid-November, five to 10 local food trucks are being offered space in the parking lot to cater to locals.

“We hope everyone is excited and likes it,” says Stoneridge spokeswoman Carrie Williams. “There’s a huge daytime employment population around here that they can tap into, and it’s kind of like a pop-up restaurant where we’ll have something new all the time.”

Look for food trucks on the corner of Workday Way and Stoneridge Drive.

Last week, food trucks included Cabana Dave’s, Grill Stars, El Malecon, Munch India, Bigg Shrimpn’, Arki Truck, and House of Siam.

To learn more about local food truck events or to learn about what trucks will be at Stoneridge each Friday, click here.

Support local entrepreneurs who have triumphed by beginning new businesses in a trying economy.

You won’t be sorry when you taste the delicious offerings food trucks have for customers to nosh on!