Durham, NC: New Food Law in Durham Requires Stricter Sanitation Measures [video]

Durham Food Truck Rodeo

By Ellen Park | NBC17.com
Durham Food Truck Rodeo
DURHAM, N.C. — A new food law in Durham took effect this weekend, changing the way restaurants and food truck vendors operate.

It requires stricter sanitation measures and enforces a more difficult grading scale.

Vendors at the Food Truck Rodeo Sunday said they welcome the changes.

Mike Stenke started his own food truck called Klaus’s pizza two years ago and said business is booming.

“I’m seeing the attitude towards food trucks changing in a great way” Stenke said. “I think the new food laws are great because they’re asking us to do things that we should be doing on a daily basis anyway.”

Amongst other things the new law will not allow vendors to handle ready-made food with their bare hands.

Stenke said it’s really a matter of reassuring the public who might be reluctant to try food trucks.

If Sunday’s Rodeo was any indication, the future of food trucks in the Triangle, looks promising.