Cooking Channel’s Eat St. Feeds 250,000 Starving iPhone Users


The Eat St. App surpassed a quarter of a million downloads last week after five months in the iTunes App Store. The App, a companion to the Eat St. TV show, directs viewers to the best street food vendors and meals across North America. Along with the 250,000 App downloads, the show continues to gain momentum as it launches its second season Friday, Sept. 2. on Food Network Canada.

What does the growth mean for users?

There will be new options for hungry users, including a social platform allowing users to share their recommendations, favourite carts, submit pictures and more. The social media layer is the next step toward bringing street food communities together. The strong existing user-base should make the transition to social easy for users, as their friends may already be using the app.

Having one app that is relevant across North America opens up a world of possibilities that wouldn’t be feasible for a city-specific app. Users will be able to plan meals on their next trip or participate in city-level street food competitions, to name just a couple of opportunities. Eat St. strives to tie together street food communities across the continent.

What does the growth mean for vendors?

For vendors, the App is a direct connection with 250,000 potential customers. And it’s free! Tools like Twitter and Facebook are a valuable part of the App because of their ability to broadcast locations and specials while on-the-move. Having a platform specifically designed for the street food business offers a centralized place to display menus, specials, hours of operation and most importantly, location. By setting up a vendor profile, mobile entrepreneurs can speak directly to the customers who are seeking them out.

To join the quarter million new users discovering the best street food in their city, visit