Evan Kleiman, Gustavo to Host Discussion on Street Food – With Street Food!

Piaggio on Wheels: bad-ass choripán...

By Gustavo Arellano | OCWeekly.com


Piaggio on Wheels: bad-ass choripán...

Ustedes know about my skepticism of the luxe-lonchera craze, especially the attempt of some claiming to sell honest-to-goodness street food, then charging you Ritz-Carlton prices for a pinche slider. Is it legit, or just Marie Antoinette dressing as a milkmaid alongside her rich friends. Nothing better than a discussion on the matter–and nothing better than when said discussion has food!

KCRW-FM 89.9’s Good Food With Evan Kleiman is hosting a talk on global street food at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica, and the show was kind enough to invite me as one of the guests for this fund-raiser. Details after the jump!

It’s going to happen May 1 at 11 a.m., and though the ticket prices are steep–$40!–it’s a fund-raiser for KCRW, which needs all the money it can get, as congressional Republicans want NPR dead. That price will nab attendees food samples from some loncheras, luxe (India Jones Chow Truck, Let’s Be Frank and Nom Nom Truck) and not (Mariscos Jalisco and our own Piaggio Gourmet on Wheels).

Funny thing about the latter: I insisted Piaggio attend to give OC some representation. Kleiman’s producer at first thought Piaggio couldn’t possibly serve street food–you know, because the owner is Argentine and from OC, and Argentines from OC are classy and shit. But I reminded her producer that the choripán, the monstrous sausage sammy of the pampas that Piaggio has perfected, is the bacon-wrapped hot dog of porteños, so it made the cut.

Buy tickets here. See you there!