Food Truck FastPass


The guys over at FoodTruck FastPass are creating mobile phone applications for Food Trucks, which work with their wireless printers.  These printers print a receipt once the order has been paid for.  The application ordering allows customers to effortlessly  choose items from your menu and place an order using their phone.

This will be like having an extra employee to take orders. It should have a positive impact on your sales right away.  Additionally, everyone that downloads your custom app will be a customer that you can communicate directly with (if they want).  A simple ‘broadcast’ text message will reach each of these phones announcing specials, electronic coupons, new menu items, new locations or whatever you like.  Essentially, you’ll be able to keep them up to date what’s going on with your truck.

The people at  FoodTruck FastPass are providing two packages. One with mobile ordering enabled, and another that has all the power but no mobile ordering.  Their application will let the user know where you are.  The app scans the current way you broadcast your location such as Twitter or Facebook and put it directly on the app map.

They will also be able to create unique opportunities including a loyalty program and Groupon-like group purchasing right from this platform.

They are doing this for no upfront development cost, and are making it very affordable and easy to start.  This is the first food truck related technology that I actually think will be useful.

If you would like to reach out to them you can contact:

Scott Dushane