Food Trucking 101: How to Eat at a Food Truck Park

Boardwalk on Bulverde (BoB) - San Antonio's Premier Food Truck Park!

By Sameer Siddiqui |

So it’s Friday night, your stomach is growling and you’re feeling adventurous — what to do, what to do??

How about visit your local food truck park!

Sure, you will have to brave the outdoors (yes that means going OUTSIDE!) But for your efforts you will be rewarded with great food, fresh air and the possibility of meeting new friends. We suggest bringing at least three friends so the four of you can go about the park in the best way possible. What do we mean by the best possible way? Let’s back up a bit…

Nice, generic restaurant.... Awesome.  N O T !Typically when a group of people go out to eat they venture out in the car and eventually end up at “Average Joe’s Generic Restaurant.” (Since everyone can’t agree on what to eat, the group picks a catch-all type of restaurant to meet everyone’s different tastes).

On a busy weekend, you will have to wait to be seated (even at a chain) so either you sit/stand inside or even outside the restaurant or make your way to the bar which costs on average 3-5 times what you pay for alcohol at the store. $10-$20 later, you make your way to the table and have a seat. They start you off with some form of free starch for filler. Then you stare at the same menu you probably have seen for the last however many years and everyone gets one thing for themselves and that’s the typical dinner…maybe a dessert to end it. Hope you had a good time.

Now, let’s say the same group goes to a food truck park for a change (sure, some will be dragged reluctantly but as the intrepid foodie friend that you are your words of encouragement and promise of yummy eats wins them over!) You arrive at the park and to everyone’s surprise it’s NOT a bunch of “roach coaches” selling simple tacos but gourmet food!

Boardwalk on Bulverde (BoB) - San Antonio's Premier Food Truck Park!

Wait, what’s this? The park is B.Y.O.B! SWEET! Cha-ching saved there. (Please make sure alcohol is cool with individual parks in your area: Now you could just go to a truck serving familiar food and order your dinner OR…. we suggest that each person go to a different truck and get their signature dish to bring back to the table and–wait for it….SHARE your newly found booty with your friends (ah, that would be “treasure” for the non-pirate initiated and not Sir Mix a Lot kind of booty 😉 What a concept! Share your food family style! Then you each go to another truck (or the same truck) and get another round of food! This is the best way to experience a food truck park. By exploring all of the trucks and their menus in a fun and interactive way, you will have a great time with your friends without spending a ton of cash and will leave with satisfied bellies full of upscale and hopefully new to you food.  Then when you go back to visit 😉 you can get your new favorite dish from your new favorite truck.

Patrons of the park will also find that the vendors are usually very friendly and always willing to talk about their food and experiences running a truck, trust us it is an adventure for sure!

Well, loyal fans of Rickshaw Stop and hopefully some newly found friends (another shameless plug: please pass the blog around) thank you for spending some time with us reading our thoughts.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day Holiday!

Always looking for new foods to eat, ciao~