Food Trucks, CA

By woopriscilla |

Food trucks are all the rage right now in California. They have been very popular in Southern California and have worked their way over to the Bay Area over the past couple of years. Most of the time the good ones are in San Francisco, but I don’t always have the time to make the drive up their. Now more and more of them have started coming to the South Bay which is great! Whether it’s to grab a quick bite during lunch on the weekday or check out new food trucks at truck gatherings on the weekend, I’m always up for trying new food. If you have Facebook or Twitter you can usually follow these trucks and find out when they are coming to your town. These trucks range from Asian cuisine to BBQ to dessert trucks!

Here’s a few of the trucks I have tried and recommend. There are so many more I have yet to try, so if you know of a truck you’d like to recommend in SF Bay area let me know!

1. Sam’s Chowder Mobile

They have a restaurant based in Half Moon Bay, which I have yet to try. They are famous for their award winning Maine Lobster roll, Clam Chowder, and my favorite, Shrimp Po’ Boy. Also a fan of their rootbeer and cream soda.


This was the first food truck I ever introduced to. MOGO serves Korean-style BBQ inside tacos! I’ve tried their pork, short rib and tofu tacos and have always left satisfied! My ultimate favorite are the sliders – short rib sliders with spam, jack and cheddar cheese and cabbage on top of sweet Hawaiian bread. Also their orange sauce is awesome.

3. Chairman Bao Bun Truck

Probably the coolest looking truck, these guys serve Chinese inspired steamed buns. They are pretty large, similar to burger sizes. First choose your bun, baked or steamed, and then choose your fillings. The menu selection is pretty fancy for street food. I loved the tender pork belly and crispy cured tofu meals.

4. The WOW Truck

WOW stands for “Windows on Wheels.” They serve Filipino food. Try a silog taco or the banana fritter for something sweet and fried!

5. Bigg Shrimpn’

Most everything in this is, of course, shrimp. =) I’ve tried the Grilled Shrimp Bahn Mi sandwich and loved it. They also have a really awesome sauce they put on their dishes. I also had the shrimp tacos (spicy), also a good choice.

6. Grill Stars

I have only tried this truck once at a food truck festival but I was very excited about the large selection of food they have on their menu. I would categorize them as BBQ, Cajun/Creole/Southern food.

7. Soulnese (sorry, didn’t have any pics)

Their menu serves “Asian Soul Food.” I’ve tried everything on their menu: Mac N Roll – 8 Cheese Blend mac & cheese in a fried egg roll served with side of spicy ginger ranch sauce, Mama’s Fried Chicken, Soul Stix- Seasoned Prawns wrapped around a piece of spicy  hot link, and Garlic Fries with Tender Pork Strips.

8. IZ IT???

Another Asian/Chinese inspired food truck. Tried this out once and really enjoyed the Magnificent trio – a combo plate with the Kicker (Hawaiian marinated chicken taco), chinese style fried chicken drumstick, and the spammer (spam musubi).

Dessert Trucks

8. Treatbot Ice Cream

This karaoke ice cream truck from the future sometimes stops nearby where I work.. yes! Everything on the menu looks awesome. I’ve tried ube ice cream (my fav! has a nutty flavor), horchata (just the right amount of cinnamon) and Black Marble Raspberry ice cream.

9. Twisted Chill

This is a Self Serve Soft Serve Truck. Pretty cool concept! Customize your own dessert by choosing from 8 rotating flavors and your choice of over 20 toppings.

10. That’s Sweet! Truck

Yay! A bakery in a truck! These items range from cupcakes to macarons to mini pies! So many different flavors you have to get their early because they run out fast!