Food Trucks Deliver Customers as well as Venture Spirit

Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting, PA opened their new rooftop “Blue Route Taco” truck!

By Lynn Vitello |

Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting, PA opened their new rooftop “Blue Route Taco” truck!

I recently readthe article, What’s Next for Food Trucks and Supermarkets? and thought, “This is what great marketing to drive in-store sales is all about!” It’s not only about offline stores implementing fresh new ways to get people into their store but also providing a new niche for young entrepreneurs in search of starting their first restaurant!

Food trucks are starting to pop up in some local areas but I have not personally seen any in grocery store lots yet. This potentially presents a big opportunity for grocery stores. This partnership would certainly be a win-win for both parties. The store sells the ingredients to consumers who want to mimic the recipes sold from the food truck, and the food truck gets prime space, a hefty lunch crowd and experience in running a mobile restaurant.

As the article implies, this seems to have a large 20-something entrepreneurial following for a stepping-stone to bigger and better ventures such as restaurants or food shops. And, as more value-minded people are looking for a refreshing spin on the typical lunch, food trucks with creative spirit and menus could be the perfect cure from the “dollar menu” to the “energizing menu.”

Imagine something as simple and satisfying as a melon, Gorgonzola, walnut and fresh basil salad for under $3. It’s made from four ingredients, simple and quick. And, trust me, absolutely delicious, fresh and healthy. The food truck sells it by the pound for lunch. The grocery store sells the ingredients so you can make it at home for the family, and while you’re there, you will likely pick up extra milk for the kids, orange juice for breakfast and perhaps fresh bread to go with that salad!

As I have said over and over, the key to driving in-store sales in this online world of faster, easier, and cheaper is to be creative – look beyond the old ways of doing things. Take risks with your marketing and you will find big rewards!